RIP Christine McVie

McVie's family said she "passed away peacefully" surrounded by loved ones at a hospital after a "short illness."


Musicians have to die someday just like you and me. At least she (reportedly) didn't suffer. I would rather look at the special place Fleetwood Mac holds in the music scene going back so many years. Good music helps to give us all that friendly nudge forward into appreciating being human and enjoying all forms of artistic expression. 

One of my long time fav FM songs has been "Isn’t it Midnight", from "Tango in the Night". And of course, written by Christine. She was indeed the beautiful voice and melody writer in the band. The best always go first.

A little known gem from her 80s solo album is One In A Million. It features vocals by Steve Winwood and drums by a pre-Heartbreakers Steve Ferrone. Great song.

But my very first FM album was Bare Trees and it has been my favorite ever since. So it seemed appropriate to play again this week after hearing the news.

She really was one in a million and is finally homeward bound.
I miss her already too.