RIP Eddie Van Halen. What was your first stereo you rocked to VH on?

Since their first album in ‘78, what was your “killer system” at the time that you rocked out with Van Halen first? Presumably Running With The Devil :) RIP Brother, you will be forever missed. 
@decooney I had a pair of the AMT’s in the early 80’s biggest mistake I ever made getting rid of them. They’re still avail now direct from ESS about $4500 pair. They’re on my bucket list, which is getting shorter every day. 
Very cool! Sold mine back then too.  Heck, I might have even built yours - who knows. I worked at ESS, on the AMT line back then. You can find some used ones too, recondition them. New surrounds, diaphragms in the Heils, some cabinet refinishing and there you go!  Heils are going cheap, add your own woofer and 2-way crossover and cabinet too.  Listened to a lot of Van Halen, Zeppelin, AC/DC and all back then on the AMTs. Build my own custom ones now with parts. Sound truly amazing with good tube amps - lead guitars in particular!  

Enjoy listening, lots of Eddie playing right now I bet! 
Speak memory!  Kenwood receiver, either KW40 or KW70. Dual 1019 turntable with a who-the-hell-remembers mid-level Shure cartridge. Zipwire speaker cables. Nobody-gave-a-damn-back-then interconnects. Mismatched speakers, both given to me by my audiophile dad.  One in a corner.  One sitting on the cabinet where I kept my ever-expanding LP collection. I listened to the stereo incessantly.  Drove my older sister nuts.
As I remember most of the time an 8-track tape player blasting in the early 70's era POS GM or Ford cars w/those jensen 6X9 speakers in the rear window deck or inside a Garrard turntable and Marantz 22XX receiver.  Saw them on their first tour opening for Black Sabbath in '78 at Baltimore Civic shortage of Colombian Gold in those daze...LOL
RIP Eddie their debut album Classic .
I had Klipsch Cornwall speakers  , nakamichi 505 3 head cassette deck with auto reverse, Luxman 90wpc integrated amp,Fanfare tuner, Technics 3000 turntable ,audio technica cartridge.AQ cables not sure what model possibly Jade.