RIP Jeff Beck

Too soon, even at age 78



Since you like Bozzio and in case you don't already know, check out Zappa's albums from 75 to 79, all featuring Bozzio. Some great albums in that period.


Thanks for the reminder about his time with Zappa!

Zoot Allures is still one of my favorites.....and who knows?....I might still end up working in a gas station......

Beck was one of the main influences on my electric-guitar playing.  I was very impressed with the Truth album, and later discovered his Yardbirds work and followed his career from then on.  Got to see him live 4 times, from the early '70s into the '90s, including the ARMS concert in San Francisco, where he was joined by Clapton and Page, two of my other influences.

I particularly like the 4 Jeff Beck Group albums, although Rough and Ready is a bit hit or miss, and Blow by Blow, for which I have the half-speed mastered LP.

Some of my own Dr. Muso recordings reflect Beck's influence.  You Beck fans might enjoy the opening tracks of my last two albums, A Legend in His Own Mind and It's Snot What You Think.  Also, the tune "It's Downhill From Here" on the latter album.  Both albums, as well as my first, are available on Qobuz, Tidal and the other streaming services, but in no better than CD quality, I'm afraid. 


He was so different from most other guitarists.  He did so many things, devoid of effects pedals, that made you sit up and say, "how did he do that?" He really explored the sound of the instrument.  His work with the Yardbirds and his Truth album were enough to put him forever on the top tier of rock guitarists in my book.