RIP Jimmy Buffett

A great One! R.I.P.


Otis Gibbs has a really good youtube video that just came out on Jimmy by one of his close musician friends from the old days. My best memory of him is Orange Bowl Miami around 1980 with Dave Mason....can’t remember who opened for who but what a great show. RIP Jimmy thanks for all the great timeless music.

RIP Jimmy .....He will always be there for us through his music!



Matt M

Saw Jimmy in San Diego in May. We knew he had health issues, but his voice was strong, he looked great, and he played for almost 2.5 hours. He gave it his all to the very end. After the last song he said he was taking a break to go sailing and that he would resume his tour afterwards. Hard to fathom that he would be gone just a few months later. RIP, you brought joy to a lot of people.

One of my wife's favorite. She got me a few margaritaville t-shirts over the years. RIP.

Listen to "A Pirate Looks At 40" for a real insight into the man. Also, fun fact: Besides F. Scott Fitzgerald, who is the only other American author to make the NY Times fiction and non-fiction 20-Ten Bestseller list? Jimmy Buffett. Yeah. He was the real deal.