RIP Jimmy Buffett

A great One! R.I.P.


I am so sad over this. He was a big part of my high school years here in Florida. A total shock that’s too close to home and my own mortality. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. 

Great storyteller and writer. A great businessman too apparently. Who knew you could become a billionaire by playing bar tunes? 

Funny username is a line from A Pirate Looks At 40. I tried to buy some expensive gear from a dealer in NY who was very insulating and dismissive when I asked after the gear. (who knew a NY-er would be a d*ck?). Ultimately I made the deal and as we parted he told me he first considered me a scammer because of my username!  I explained the Buffett reference to him and he'd never heard the song. Apparently that's a NY thing too.  I should have used a Liza Minelli reference I guess...

From a failed Nashville wanna-be to a brand name. Jimmy never gave up and did what he wanted, sailing, flying his Vintage Catalina around the Caribbean, Amazing song writer, band leader, restaurateur, husband, father. American Dream, right there. He shared it with us, the paycheck to paycheck, workaday, guy on the street. My ex and I lived in Mississippi for awhile, never missed an Allman Bros. or Buffett show within a day's drive, and yes, I was the loud guy singing along, or playing air drums in the Allman Bros. Wore out many a stylus, if not complete turntables with J B on board 

Only saw him once, but when you can say that everybody was having a fun time, you know just how good of a showman he was.