RIP Jon Lord

Deep Purple keyboard player Jon Lord passed away today at age 71. His leslie powered organ defined the sound of Deep Purple back in the day.
Deep Purple was one of my favorite bands as a teenager in early to mid-1980s eventhough their heyday was the late 1960s and early 1970s. My favorite version of the band was the Mk II version (Ian Gillan - vocals, Jon Lord - Keyboards, Ian Paice - Drums, Ritchie Blackmore - lead guitar, and Roger Glover - bass guitar). Favorite album - Made in Japan. Nowadays, I might bust out a DP album once a year but when I do, I have a blast.

RIP Jon.
Steve Morse has a very touching commentary on his blog today about how Jon Lord's creative process worked. One of my first concerts was Uriah Heep and Deep Purple back in the early 70's. My ears were ringing for days.