RIP Lee Weiland

Lee Weiland, of Locus Design, passed away recently at the far too young age of 46. Lee was an incredible person to deal with, both personally and professionally, and will be dearly missed.

I realize that not everyone's into pricey USB cables and the like, but I really savored the quality of Lee's work and felt the price-performance ration was more than acceptable. Furthermore, Lee dealt with everyone he encountered in a jovial, friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful way. Buying from Lee was nothing at all like buying from many large corporations, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Whether you owned Lee's products or not, we all lost a genuine audiophile and extremely decent human being. Lee will be dearly, dearly missed.
Oh my gosh. I bought one of the top line USB cables from Lee in May and I remember him saying he had been sick. I did not expect this.

My heart goes out his to friends and family, too young and too nice a person for this to have happened to.
What a shame. I dealt with Locus Design frequently over the years and always appreciated Lee's advice and friendliness.
His wife has cancer, at it happens, and Locus was the sole source of income. This is tragic beyond Lee's passing.
There are several sites where you can donate funds to his family, RMAF and both of Lee's business sites...