RIP oregonpapa

Today, oregonpapa (Frank) passed away. He will be greatly missed by many of us on Audiogon. I got to know him about a year ago personally, having had many phone calls with him over that time. He was a delightfully kind man, who freely shared his wisdom with others. Bedsides high end audio, , Frank was very knowlegable about world history and politics. Good bye my friend. Jeff


Oregon Papa was a true Audiophile-and willing to experiment 

the SR Purple fuses were his last positive upgrade👍 A true 🇺🇸 
RIP 🎶 


I had a few conversations with Oregon Papa and he gave me such a wealth of knowledge over a few weeks. Rest In Peace Frank, we are missing you already. 

Darling friend,


I will miss our daily communications so much.

Thank you for the full on belly laughs

and for the yummy home roasted coffee.

Grateful for the jaw dropping Mel Torme and Dinah Washington

recordings you sent that Timmy refused to play.

For the anytime/every time phone calls.


💔💜💔 I Love you.

Hug Timmy for me, I’ll see you again.

🥰 Krissy


OMG! That was very sudden. I remember reading his posts on fuses, very recently, just yesterday. The good guys are going. Slowly. RIP Frank. You will be missed.