RIP Panny Plasmas

Just saw a report on CNBC that Panasonic is planning on exiting the plasma business by March 2014. Can't say I'm overly surprised but still a bummer. Hope the others aren't following suit soon.
As much as I like my Kuro,if the demise of plasma tech,in general, means a push for OLED,then I say...lets get the show on the road.
I was holding out hope lower production costs and better product management in Korea would allow companies like Samsung to continue producing good plasmas, but apparently Elizabeth is correct as it stands...

I'm with Aolmrd in hoping the newer and hopefully superior technologies come online a little sooner as a result of this. I'm also with Rockdanny -- LCD/LEDs (even the new ones) give me an eye-ache.
I hear this a few days ago, not sure why but I suspect the reason is that plasma cannot be made into UHD except in huge sizes and is cost prohibitive in that case.

Buy a new ZT or for those looking more for bang for the buck, get an ST and use it until it dies, by then hopefully OLED will be around and affordable....
VHS wins again! Once again the lazy fat butted American consumer would rather listen to a schmuck then look it up.

Long live my Pioneer EliteĀ…
I spoke to a Samsung rep at BestBuy today and he told me that Panasonic is teaming up with Sony to go the OLED route since that seems to be the direction TVs are headed. UHD 4K is coming down on price and within a couple of years will be around the same price as regular LCDs are now.

I compared the 4K sets and the Samsungs were easier on the eye than the Sonys but that could have be due to the set up in store. The Sony was quite intense with the color to the point of looking surreal.

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