RIP Robbie Robertson

Another great member of The Band sadly passes today at 80. RIP Robbie !


Big Pink was the first CD i ever bought (in '87, fresh out of school and could finally afford a player).  Thinking of myself as a music historian I debated long and hard about what would be my first CD and chose that one. Listened to it, didn't like it, and put it away.  A couple of years later, I read a very lengthy article on the making of the album, and the journey of the band members to get to Big Pink.  I re-visited the album, and it finally made sense. The stories in the songs are real and moving, and the music is so unique.  I don't listen to it often, but when i do, i listen to it fully and deeply.  And, it will always be my first CD.

 R. Robertson and Robert Hunter were on parallel tracks for a good while. The Band, Stage Fright, Workingman's, A. Beauty and much of E. 72 are cut from the same cloth.  Together, these comprise some of my favorite music, period.

It would be tragic if there were no young musicians to follow in their footsteps. Fortunately, that's not the case. The Americana genre attracts many of the best young players.

Whether anyone is currently writing songs of similar quality is a matter of opinion...


Rock of Ages is one of the best live rock albums ever. The horn arrangements by Allan Toussaint was an added element that put that record over the top.

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All things must pass! Enjoy every day and appreciate the good people you have met along the way. Rest In Peace Robbie Robertson and thank you for Big Pink.