RIP Tom Jones

Looks like a long successful run has come to an end for Tom.

Tom Jones Dies: Wrote Book And Lyrics For Long-Running ‘The Fantasticks’, Was 95 (

My mother loved Tom in the early 70's and had  many of his LP's playing in the house. 

He sure had all the soul/presence of any of the big names that were around during the hey day.

What a voice!

(498) Tom Jones and Little Richard - Rock 'n' Roll Medley - (1969) (Live) - YouTube

Tom Jones & Janis Joplin - Raise Your Hand - This is Tom Jones TV Show - Bing video

Tom Jones & Tina Turner-Medley-Warner Theatre 1978 - YouTube


That video w/ Janis Joplin was pretty amazing.

There was something more recent with TJ, Van Morrison and Jeff Beck--

Guy had enduring talent.  RIP

Good grief!

I clearly mixed up reading/comprehending what I read!


I'll crawl back into my hole now

"Wish I would have read Cleeds post before I permed my hair (as a tribute)."

I went out and bought extra tight pants then spent last night throwing panties at my mirror reflection.

Wait, Tom Jones died??