Ripping CD's to load onto a new Aurender N20 Server/Streamer

Greetings All,

I know this question has probably been asked before but I'll ask again as I'm upgrading my digital front end. (I'm mainly an LP person but want to keep up with the latest digital trends)

I'm currently using a Sony HAP-Z1ES which allows me to copy CD's directly to the internal hard drive including all metadata and then grabs the album artwork via Grace Note.

I'm upgrading to a brand new Aurender N20 Server/Streamer. I know streaming will allow access to endless music choices with metadata and album art but in some cases i want to rip some of my CD's and load them onto the N20 SSD storage. I'm looking for the best CD Ripper software that will allow me to rip the files to FLAC format, include all the metadata, and grab the Album artwork. I'm currently using an iMac running MAC OS X Catalina.

Thanks in advance for any and all information that will allow me to do what I have described above.

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Recommend using dBpoweramp to rip CD’s as FLAC files with zero compression (i.e. as uncompressed FLAC files). dBpoweramp works with both MAC and PC. Been using it for years.

cjlundgren you are really going to enjoy the N20  I have a N10 myself 

sense you rip all your CDs into the Sony and does it have an external hard drive for backup that is how I transfer from my Bluesound to the N10

curious of what Dac you are using

Thanks for the recommendations on CD ripping. I’ll check this program out.

There is no provision on the Sony to backup or extract files from the unit as it lacks a digital output function. One of this truly excellent unit’s shortcomings.

Currently using a brand new PS Audio PerfectWave DAC D/A converter.