Ripping CD's

I have many CD's. Would like to copy(rip) my favorite songs from each onto  separate CD's. Create a library on each disc. I know that doing that is illegal if intended for sale but that's not my goal. Just for personal use. Two basic questions.........

1) Is there a certain brand/type of CD media best for music or will any CD  do?

2) What is a good CD burning program (preferably free) to use other than Nero and other generic programs?

Thanks for any suggestions. There are several options with things like streaming but this is my intent now.




For tagging rips I've found MP3 Tag second to none. It doesn't add additional folders to your rips and you can use MusicBrainz for free and Discogs too if you register for free.

MP3 Tag is especially useful if you have an Aurender (or similar) because you can rename and re-configure rips on your SSDs.

Only 4 clicks to tag using MP3 Tag.

expressburn tech people want me to copy music from my internal hard drive to a blank CD using their software.

I'm baffled by Windows Media Player.

First: I want to copy a CD onto my hard dr1ve (because all amazon music is mp3's presumably compressed). I want full CD resolution 44k.

If a data CD, open CD, select all, drag to wherever I want, including a new folder I make, anywhere I want.

BUT, Audio CD's contents show up as track 1 to track 16, each track only 1kb (presumably a shortcut to a hidden file). I select all, copy to HD, all I get is shortcuts, no content.

Create a Playlist: I try, WTF, I cannot figure this WMP crap out!

Hi Jrpnde,

I agree 100 % on use of Exact Audio Copy to rip. Best software I have ever used and able to rip some pretty bad CDs (flea market and garage sale purchases !). Make sure rip is WAV, no compression or FLAC. I prefer WAV !

Rip to a good hard drive and make a backup (very important).

It then becomes super easy to copy to USB drive or to CD-R after. Can't however help on best CD-R software, sorry!

NOTE: It is not unlawful to make backups of your CD library (or vinyl) as long as you do not sell or distribute the copies and still have the originals.

+1 for Exact Audio Copy and also +1 for DB Poweramp. Both are really good, and for some people the fee is worth it to use DB Poweramp. Currently using EAC to rip my collection. Once you create the hi-res files just put them on any media you'd like, whether it be CD or USB drive, or whatever you choose.