Ripping CD's

I have many CD's. Would like to copy(rip) my favorite songs from each onto  separate CD's. Create a library on each disc. I know that doing that is illegal if intended for sale but that's not my goal. Just for personal use. Two basic questions.........

1) Is there a certain brand/type of CD media best for music or will any CD  do?

2) What is a good CD burning program (preferably free) to use other than Nero and other generic programs?

Thanks for any suggestions. There are several options with things like streaming but this is my intent now.




In my opinion, you can burn the MP3 CD's unchanged to the disc. No advantages to change them to WAV as MP3 is a lossy format. Most probably, your CD player will not play WAV files anyway.

From the manual:The C 546BEE can play MP3/WMA formatted recordings on CD-R or CD-RW discs. You may mix any of the file types on the disc.

Cheers, eagledriver

i really agree with ghdprentice.  That's the way to go - and then you can also make AAC copies for portability.  If for some weird reason you also need physical copies, any ripping software works fine,  just turn off compression. I have no idea on brands of writable CDs - except that back in th day when i did it they were never as reliable as the original (and when you think about the manufacturign process, it makes sense)

+ 1 with Styleman

I use two HHB 830+ recorders and have found the best dics for my machines are HHB discs. I use to use Mamm's, but started getting too many dud's. I realize my method is "old school", but for just making compilations of discs I already own, or creating new stuff from YouTube, this works for me.