Ripping CDs

I would like to be able to rip CDs. My streamer, Cambridge CXNv2 doesn’t have that capacity. although it can store CDs. What do I need to rip CDs?


You can buy a dedicated CD copier, but they are expensive.  If you buy a

streamer that rips CD’s as well, that will be expensive.  Getting a used computer somewhere would probably be your best bet.


I believe you are assuming that the desired content is available through some subscription service, preferably one to which the OP is subscribed.  Yes?  Or am I missing something?

There are a few (not many) CDs in my collection that I cannot find on Qobuz, which is my subscription service.  I have to rely on my ripped copies of those titles.

OP, if you have a good relationship with a dealer, they may be able to rip your CDs for you for a nominal fee.  That is the route I followed myself.

It appears you are not set up to rip cds. Contract the job out to someone local to perform the task. Their fee may be as low as keeping copies of your music…


Yes, you are correct, I am assuming most all content is available. Most is. However, what happened to me, and I suspect what happens to most folks is that once the sound quality difference disappears and you have access to more than a million albums your focus shifts from playing the really restricted amount of music you have collected… carefully chosen to sound the very best because of it’s high cost, to exploring new music, enjoying thousands of albums you never knew existed.


When my streaming sound quality rose to my other sources, I think I called up the albums I owned for about a week, before I noticed an album I had never heard before from the same group while searching. Then I would remember a band I did not own. Then I started to just look at new albums, then choose genera and listen to new stuff. Very quickly I seldom would listen to the old stuff I owned. And when I did, if it isn’t there, there is a high definition version of one of their other albums or a better band. 

High quality streaming changes everything. 

I use Winamp to rip to .WAV files from my portable CD drive ($40) to my laptop. Super easy. WAV files are marginally better than FLAC files. And you may be able to tell a difference with a hi-res playback system.

FLAC is lossless...but lossless is a euphemism for 'virtually' no loss. It's 60% of the original file so it is a compressed format. It's an excellent format for many reasons but memory is cheap these days and a WAV file is the exact copy of the original.

Save to WAV and you won't need to worry about the next version of 'lossless' in a few years. Glad I saved to .WAV during the  MP3 rage.

Like I said, you may not even notice a difference but why not get 100% of the info you paid for.