Ripping Music and Other Videos for new iPod

I have been having troubles updating the firmware on two older versions of iPod and as much as I hate to buy ANOTHER one - maybe everthing would be much easier.

Has anyone tried ripping video clips, home movies, concert dvds etc and had some success downloading them to the new iPod?

I also use iTunes but dont want to be restricted to their terms and content.

Thanks for any ideas using the new iPod.
there is a free software put out by Handbrake which allows you to rip any DVD to your video ipod. I have used it to rip thirty plus of my dvds an it works flawlessly.
Go to discussions and you will find all the info.
The format that uses the iPod video is MPEG-4 320X240 and AAC for sound. There are several programs to convert a complete DVD or a video file to the requiered format for MacOS X:

Video2iPod (this doesn't convert DVD, only files)

For Windows I don't know so well, but this could serve:
First you have to rip the DVD to the hard drive with an aplication like DVDx 2.3. Then convert the file to the needed format with something like Xilisoft Video converter

I guess there are new applications everyday, but I hope this serves.