Ripping w/dbpoweramp or JRiver

Planning to download dbpoweramp and use it to rip my cd library and download JRiver to play the files; but according to the JRiver website, I can use it to rip. Is dbpoweramp the better ripper and JRiver the better player? Of course, I'm trying to maximize the SQ of my music files (which I intend to save as AIFF).
I also have a PC with Windows 7 & Jriver. I ripped all my Cd's using Itunes in lossless and play them back in WASAPI through Jriver. Took me a year of messing around but it sounds & works extremely well.
Iam with you on the eraly grave speach. I wanted to enjoy the music prior to expiring.
Good luck, John
Mastered basics of dbpoweramp and ready to re-rip my 600 cd library and replace music files that I lost. Wife blames loss on recent iTunes upgrade. Don't know; but can't find the files. So, re-ripping in AIFF using dbpoweramp and saving on new external HD. Hoping to buy Bryston BDP-1 & BDA-1 to replace Arcam FMJ 23T player and eliminate need to load/unload little silver (and gold) discs. Am I getting lazy? Yep!
Not to argue which is better, but if it's simplicity you want then Windows media player is really simple. I just wanted to get into computer audio to get my feet wet. I ripped all my cd's to WMP on my computer. Unbelievably simple, it sounds great and the album covers and somgs are all there. Everything is in WAV. It really is as simple as put cd in computer, choose ripping quality (best), format (WAV), click rip cd. A couple minutes later your done. It automatically sorts all cd's by artist and you then click on the album or song you want to listen to. Run a usb cable from the computer to your stereo dac and it's an easy music server too. No more looking for cd's they are at your fingertips.