RL Jones at Red Rock

What gives with Rickie Lee's Live At Red Rocks CD? This sounds like a bootleg job -- so contrary to the sonic care that's gone into just about her whole body of previous work. I am so disappointed that there is a Rickie Lee Jones recording that I don't want to listen to; I can't get past the audio quality to listen to the musicianship. Is there any kind of story behind this? It's such an anomaly.

I was also dissappointed with the quality or the lack of quality on the Red Rocks CD. It really makes you wonder what the engineers were thinking when they were finished. It also makes you wonder why RL Jones didn't question the product that was going to market with her name on it.

Thanks, KRV, for commiserating with me. I have the same thoughts as you. This record is a disappointing riddle. If I cared to listen to it more, I might think that, although there's a lot of energy and impressive musicianship in the performances, I wished Rickie had chosen some fresher interpretations of her work to release. But, the sound is just weak and gets in the way. Wish she could tell us what happened.
I agree with you both. I "test drove" the CD this past weekend at my local CD emporium, could have picked it up for a steal ($5.99), and passed. The sonics were horrid as well as the soundstage.

A total surprise because of her prior commitment to high quality releases...whether on CD or vinyl.