RMAF 2008 - Your impressions,...

I know there's still few hours to go but I was wondering what my fellow Audiogoners think of RMAF 2008. What equipment left great impression, even what was a bit of a let down...As for me, it was my first year and my time was very limited, but I have to point out Emerald Physics for their CS1 and CS2, which are great speakers, selling for much less (esp. CS2) than you would think. They sound a bit different than what most of us are used to due to their unique design. Unfortunately their need for two amps make it little difficult to integrate them in my system, otherwise they'd be on top of my list. I also have to mention AV123 and GR-Research whose X-static speakers must be one of the best bargains on the market (I know, we all have heard it before...), anybody looking for a $1000 dollar speakers (and even much more) need to give these a listen.
Pubul57. The gentelman I spoke to in the Apogee room said they can make new pairs also.
Yes, Graz of Australia now has the Apogee name and has his own line of brand new Apogee speakers based on the beloved ribbon technology. Duetta Classic, Synergy and Ultimate are among the offerings.


You are correct. Our room at the RMAF featured the Playback Design and other gear most folks have never heard. We did have a few people who came to our room and asked us to play their CD's. Most sounded just like you said. "like shit"

I prefer to play cd's that I am familiar with that sound exceptional when played through our system.

The CD's...Most that folks brought in not only did not highlight the capabilities of system. I think I only hear a couple that I would have used myself. I suppose that is to be expected.

I try to play music that actually breaths life into the performance.