RMAF 2021 Cancelled

Not only is this year's show cancelled, there will be no more Rocky Mountain Audio Fests.  It's over.
I hope this ‘late in the day’ cancellation doesn’t hurt vendors too hard. I know the costs involved in attending this type of event as a vendor, they can be significant. Hopefully booth costs and travel/hotel ticket costs etc can be recovered and no lasting damage is done, particularly to the smaller guys.
Because the cancellation is at least over 30 days out from RMAF 2021 it suggess any contracted costs are recoverable, hopefully 
Seems like what happened is that PS Audio who was bankrolling (a large part? of) the show this year and was set to show off their new speaker and massive monoblocks got cold feet and Mr. McGowan decided the top priority was to protect his staff and so they pulled out and the show folded.