RMAF - Loudspeakers that you don't want to miss

Heaading from Tulsa, OK to my first RMAF this week. I was hoping to listen to some Rockport loudspeakers, but from the RMAF website, it looks like Rockport may be a no show this year unfortunately.

Who all is going and what loudspeakers should one make sure not to miss for an audition?
thanks for the correction Linkster. The Lansche speaker I liked was the Lansche 7.0 - some 7' tall. Even tho' the Lansche 5.1 would be smaller, it should be a great listen....
Yes, its up to you rich young guys to keep us poor old ones
who can't get there up to date.
This is my first time to attend. Was looking forward to check out MBL. Its so disappointing they backed out.
This year, I go to RMAF ready to make a purchase. Last year Vapor Audio made me rethink not only what is possible at a price point, but what's possible period from a loudspeakers. We'll see if it was a fluke or not, but hearing whatever they bring is my personal "must hear".

There are a few other contenders, but they either go beyond my budget, or have compromises I'd prefer not to accept.
Wondering why Avalon has not been present at any shows in the US that I can tell in the last year or so. Especially RMAF knowing it is in their back yard. Anyone know why?