Robbie Robertson has passed away :-(

LOVE this guy! The Band was one of my favorites.

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R.I.P. Robbie...thanks for the tunes!!!

One of my favorite quotes:

Robertson said in 1968. “We just don’t think a name means anything. It’s gotten out of hand, the name thing. We don’t want to get into a fixed bag like that.”


Listening to Robbie Robertson's self titled solo circa 87 right now.  Has always been one of my favorite LPs

@bdp24 I have not seen Once we Were Brothers. I will try to check it out. I was reading a very long article about Quincy Jones the other day and I was thinking this is the most interesting man in the world. Robbie should also be very interesting.

On the Color of Money he did the score. I do not think he was in it. I do recall seeing the movie Carney. 

Problem with having a good audio system is I no longer watch TV or movies.



After hearing Rock of Ages, I burned through multiple copies. The horn arrangements put that album over the top. Listen to “King Harvest (has surely come). The vocals and the horns send you back to the 1930s and “the depression”. 

I was in my late teens and yes I was terrible to my albums. 

@szeidman2002: There is a 4-CD/1-DVD expanded boxset of Rock Of Ages, entitled Live At The Academy Of Music 1971. I am fortunate in having seen & heard The Band live in The Berkeley Community Theater during the s/t-"brown" album tour, and they were quite unlike any other I’ve ever seen. IMO they are the best "self-contained" Rock ’n’ Roll band (writing, playing, singing) of them all.

“Once we’re brothers “ is a great biopic. His last album sinematic has that song on it. Very moving. I’m deeply saddened by his passing but eternally grateful I’m alive during this era to appreciate him. Rip Robbie.