Robert Plant-Band of Joy Tour-Houston

Man, I really had high expectations for his swing thru Houston last night but sadly I found the performance rather ho-hum.. The few LZ tunes chosen were played out as new versions of. The song selection was a mix of some new material, Robert Plant/Allison Kraus stuff and not enough LZ tunes.. Their were flashes of Plant seemingly ready to break out and rock but his performance was restrained.
Oh, I am well aware of who I paid too c perform and the musical direction he planned take on this current tour. Was just hoping for a little more of a blues-rock based tune selection closer to the original roots. He put out a rocking DVD a couple of hrs ago that made allowances for his vocal limits but remained true to the blues genre that brought wide success and fan approval. Let's hope he doesn't follow rod Stewart into the 50's love ballad phase. Boom, boom,boom, boom.
Let's hope he doesn't follow rod Stewart into the 50's love ballad phase.
Amen to that!!
It wouldn't suprise me a bit. I don't know why these guys feel they need to make the money with such a severe compromise to their music ... unless it's for their decendents. Even so it seems like nothing more than that. Rod Stewart is a great example. The product sells great but wow I guess it's just old guy music now.
I'll play devil's advocate for a moment.

Entertainers like Mick Jagger, Rod Stewart, Robert Plant, Paul McCartney, et. al. are very wealthy. IMO, money is not the primary reason they are recording and/or touring.

Like an athlete whose skills have diminished but continues to compete, the entertainer simply does what he/she does best. And they really enjoy doing it.

Thank goodness we aren't forced to watch or listen when father time has bypassed these folks.

We attended the last Page/Plant tour & the recent tour with Alison Krause. Both were stunning & spectacular so our expectations might have been a little unrealistic. The Band of Joy was enjoyable but really pretty low key and I hate to use this word but maybe a little uninspired. He just didn't seem to have quite the fire I hoped to see. According to Rolling Stone a second venture with Krause recently fell apart because the magic wasn't there. I thought the washboard
thing seemed a little silly. He needs to get back to what the Brits do best....ripping off American blues artists to make some of the worlds best rock & roll before it's too late.