Robert Plant

I’ve been a Zeppelin fan since I was a little kid. Was obsessed with them in high school. I always thought Plant was one of the best singers in rock and roll. A lot of people still do. I never saw Zep but did see Plant in concert several times in the 80s/90s.


Over the decades I find that I don’t listen to Zep all that much for whatever reason.


This Christmas Eve morning I stayed home from church because of a nasty cold and dug out some of my old LPs. One of them was a bootleg (at the time) of Zeppelin's live BBC performances. I bought it used in 1984 for $20 which was a ton of money for me back then. (You can get this on Qobuz etc now.)


About 4 minutes into Whole Lotta Love the band lapses into a blues/Elvis medley of songs that is simply epic. The entire band is right on point and amazing as always but in this medley Plant really shows you his stuff. The range, the control, the timing, the soul. All there. Is he the best rock and roll singer ever? I can think of a lot of challengers to that idea but he’s certainly up around the top.

Give this song a listen. The initial part of Whole Lotta Love is not my favorite. But this medley and the ending are Zeppelin at its best.

Merry Christmas all.


Had the pleasure of seeing Zeppelin twice back in the 70's. They were everything you hoped they would be. Loud, very dramatic, great musicians and Robert Plant was everything that every teenage boy dreamed of being. Long blond curls, sweaty, bare chest, way too tight jeans and the focus of every girl in the audience.

Everything that a rock and roll band should be.


I had a different experience. I saw them in 1973, at Madison Square Garden, and they were way too loud, and at least at that time, Robert was so full of himself that he talked his way through most of the lyrics. It was very disappointing, and my ears are still ringing.

Awesome story, acman3!

Not a genre I listen to much anymore.  Not because I dislike it.  Simply only so many hours in the day.  For whatever it’s worth and as much as I dislike “best of” surveys, whenever I see a “best R&R vocalist” survey, Robert Plant is the name that always comes to mind first. 

Sorry if someone already commented on The Honey Drippers but that’s an excellent album featuring Robert’s better vocals .

A bunch of jerks at my high school were into Led Zeppelin so I stayed as far as I could and never cared about it, and still don’t.