Rock? money down the drain?

I have seen posts where people describe their systems and ask for upgrade advise and their systems cost $5000 and up and their primary music is rock. here is a question for everyone. is it worth spending $10,000 on a rock system or do think there is a cut off point where all rock systems sound the same?
I upgraded my entire system about a year ago. I carefully chose my main system to be able to reproduce Mahler, Bruckner, Wagener and Stravinsky at realistic concert hall peak spl. I also listen to a lot of Heavy Metal. Both my before and after systems were way over $10K. The improvement was significant and noticable on my favorite metal recordings. The system (virtually flat to about 24Hz) also sounds great on "Art Techno" music which usually has significant power in the lowest bass register. Value for money, as always, is a highly personal thing
My friend has a state of the art system, and every type of music sounds awesome, and when he plays rock, it really rocks. Nothing like hearing a great rock recording through powerful tube amps (VAC), and great speakers, (Eidelons). If you've got the cash, there is no doubt in my mind about it being "worth it"!
How can you spend $80 on a bottle of white wine everyone knows there is no improvement after $50, but red wine is worth at least twice a bottle of white, right???? It's all about what ever your into whether it be classical, jazz, rock, country or whatever flips your switch. There is know way you can set a price for law-of-diminishing-return type systems, after all the 'average' american spends less on a stereo then we do on interconnects.
If you ever try one sip of Chateau D'Yquem (at around $ 250 a bottle), you know you have just tasted something extraordinary. Of course a very good bottle can be found for $20, if you know what you are doing. That does not make the $250 bottle worth one cent less. It takes quite a bit more money to get to the best, but for those who can appreciate the difference, there is no doubt it is worth it. Same for a "Rock" system. Dekay, Cwlondon, Jeff, Tireguy, PLs1, and Nilthepill, all made good points here. Well done!! Nil is correct, my friend has two "state of the art" dream systems, and every type of music he plays sounds better on his system than anything else I have heard!