Rockford Fosgate Signature Phono Pre needs repair

Hi guys, 

Hoping someone here could point me in the direction of a tech that could repair my phono pre.  I recently moved and despite my best efforts, my phono pre arrived at its new home with a dead right channel.  I have tried all the input switching and tube swapping, but the right channel remains dead.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated. 


MS contracted a company somewhere on the east coast.

I had my V.2 repaired for the right channel. It was linked to the subpar assembly/build QC. 

Mine is 10 years old. Still playing, but now has a wonky right toggle switch(gain)

I demoed the Foz side by side with a few very popular,comparably priced, even a bit more costly brands, and thought it wasn't  blown away by any of them

You need to find a competent tech who can ad lib since no schematic is available. 

Sad,  because I did a side by side with a few  comparable tube units(popular brands) and thought the Foz wasn't  blown away by any of them,just different.

I'm eyeing the new  Prima Luna to match my PL amp.

I think MS also used an east coast facility for the repair of mine. It came back and worked for about a week before developing the same fault again. That’s when I was refunded. Ended up with a Herron VTPH-2 (upgraded later to 2a) and used that for six years. Now I use a Naim Superline, but that might change because I now have two tonearms.

"Fosgate is defunct?  What about all those Fozgometers"

Still on the MS site,so perhaps the Fozgometer brand name is being kept alive?



The Fosgate phono-stage and headphone amp are long discontinued. The Fozgometer is still a current product and was upgraded to a v2 not so long ago.

Jim Fosgate died this past December.