Rockna Wavelight Music Server


 Anyone here either heard or purchased the Rockna Wavelight Music Server?

I would like to know your thoughts


Thank you

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Wavelight server and Wavedream NET as servers seem very similar.  There will be more flexibility long term with the Wavelight server.  Obviously, the NET has the CD transport in it making it unique.  Both are excellent

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@verdantaudio What do you mean by long term flexibility? Can you flush that out a little bit. And as I understand it the Wavedream Net is a memory player, reading everything into Ram before playing it.  Although the Wavelight Server does not have a CD transport, does it also read data into a memory buffer before playing it?

Thanks for any edification you can provide.

I hear that there may be more options developed for the Wavelight that may not be developed for Wavedream NET.  I don’t know this with certainty as you never know how long new software will take to develop.  Not sure about memory player aspect.  I will ask.  

@verdantaudio In terms of sound quality, from a streaming perspective how would you rank the 2 Rockna Servers? How does the SQ compare to say the Bricasti M5. If you were to rank all 3 as streamers on a 10 point scale (with 10 being the best SQ you are familiar with, not necessarily any of these 3), where would they all fit on that scale? Might you be able to share your perspective? Thanks in advance for your response.