Rockna Wavelight thoughts?

Rockna's new wavelight looks great at ~$5K, im guessing it sounds similar to the acclaimed big brother wavedream, very little reviews/impressions so far though, anyone have one or plan to order? im looking to try a good R2R. denafrips terminator was just OK in my system. i especially wonder how wavelight performs vs la voce s3 which is a similar price. couldnt find any dealers that would home demo the two. any other suggestions for +/- 5k?

Hey Everybody,

I just received information that a Wavelight DAC  will be sent to me for a review for Stereo Times.  I'm very interested in what this DAC's performance level will be.  Hopefully, in the next two weeks, depending on when I receive it, I'll give some feedback about what I'm hearing.
@teajay , will wait to read your review. Will be an interesting read. Which other DAC will you be comparing with this Rockna?
Skanda I know what what your saying about the Rockna WaveDream net I listened to a demonstration switching out other severs the Dream net clearly made a fairly noticeable difference, just beautiful however out of my budget. Having tried other servers I got a big jump in performance enjoyment trying a Innuos Zenith 3 just recently.
Now I’m content with Hydra Vox dac and Innuos server though I will keep an eye out for that 2nd hand Rockna net if you purchase the Taiko Extreme.
I've got an entry level Wavedream (single ended version). Put it head to head with a Holo Spring 2 KTE and the Yggy. Bested both quite easily.

Great liquid sound with dense tone. PRAT and transient speed a major highlight of the product. Quick, firm bass - no mid base hump/boom. 

Not sure how the Wavelight will compare but I must say I like the aesthetics of the Wavelight more than the Wavedream ! The price seems similar as well so I'm curious as to the difference in performance ? 
@in_shore great to hear about your experience with the NET. it can certainly be a bit jarring at first because like ... it's a server, how could it possibly matter but the proof is in the pudding and you don't even have to listen to for it. the differences are not subtle in any way. given the quarantine situation i'm not sure when the taiko will land but hopefully some time this summer. looking forward to sharing impressions.