Rockna Wavelight thoughts?

Rockna's new wavelight looks great at ~$5K, im guessing it sounds similar to the acclaimed big brother wavedream, very little reviews/impressions so far though, anyone have one or plan to order? im looking to try a good R2R. denafrips terminator was just OK in my system. i especially wonder how wavelight performs vs la voce s3 which is a similar price. couldnt find any dealers that would home demo the two. any other suggestions for +/- 5k?

Hey milpai,

Just last night I submitted my review to my editor on the Wavelight. Hopefully, it will go up on the Stereo Times website in the next couple of weeks.
Thanks for the update teajay.
Knowing your posts on other threads I am assuming that it did not dethrone your reference Bricasti :-)
@in_shore , thank you! i've been updating it fairly regularly so if you havent been to the thread in the while i've made further comparisons. 

this morning, i'm sitting here with the extreme playing and i'm taking care of my morning emails etc and I'm just blown away by what i'm hearing. no hyperbole, the soundstaging is just the best i've ever got out of my system. all that said, the rockna is a fantastic piece and already playing at a high level so please don't take this as "you must upgrade now!!". i think too often in our hobby there is an exaggeration of improvements etc. realistically, the extreme is very expensive and i think if you got it you'd be happy with the improvements (as i am, and they are still working out via burn in) but the rockna is still a tremendous server
How does the  Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE DAC compare with the Rockna Wavelight? I am looking for a new main or second DAC that is sufficiently different sounding than my current main DAC, the very neutral and quiet Benchmark DAC3B.

Ideally this new DAC is also very quiet which I find is very important for my current musical enjoyment.
Hey yysantabarbara,

Both DACs are the antithesis of your Benchmark DAC3B. Both are much more fuller sounding regarding image density and have better tonality/colors then your DAC3B. I have reviewed both DACs that you are asking about, my review on the Wavelight for Stereo Times has been submitted but not yet published yet. Because the Wavelight is a solid state design it is slightly quieter then the Tubadour SE III that uses tubes in its analog conversion section. Both are great DACs.