Rockna Wavelight thoughts?

Rockna's new wavelight looks great at ~$5K, im guessing it sounds similar to the acclaimed big brother wavedream, very little reviews/impressions so far though, anyone have one or plan to order? im looking to try a good R2R. denafrips terminator was just OK in my system. i especially wonder how wavelight performs vs la voce s3 which is a similar price. couldnt find any dealers that would home demo the two. any other suggestions for +/- 5k?

Hey jimpittsburgh would love to know more about your impressions of the wavelight and also a bit about your system (music server, digital cable connection... are you using the wavelight as a premap etc.). If you get time... thanks! :)
@jimpittsburgh , Please tell us some more details, especially if you used the Wavelight as a preamp driving an amp directly, and its soundstage performance.
I owned the Rockna Wavedream Signature (top model) for a while along with the matching Wavedream Net server.  Excellent dac that was a very close with the Mola Mola Tamaqui dac I had at the same time.  There were plusses and minuses to each.  That being said, they are both gone.  I recently acquired a Jeff Rowland Aeris with Super Cap PSU (amazing) for system 2. 

However, the heavy hitter right now in my books that handily beat both the top level Rockna and Mola Mola dacs is from Aries-Cerat.  It is the Helene dac- we did close A-B comparison's at a buddies place and no contest- There was more sparkle; life; and openness to the top end of the Aeries-Cerat dac that the Rockna and Mola Mola simply couldn't match.  One day I hope to be able to get the Helene's 'big sister' dac the Kasandra II.  Check the feedback on the Kasandra dac over at WBF.  This thing is insane- it's a 135-lb dac.  I have seen it at a local buddie's place, but have yet to hear it.  Yes it's the price of a nice used BMW, but if you truly want to hear the next level in digital and just end the chase, this is it IMO.  
Totally not true audio bytes is the lower end version of Rockna which has better build quality 
I heard them both ,the wave light beats the Audiobytes ,the wave dream blows it 
away, something seriously wrong with that guys setup if he thought audiobytes 
was better ,not happening. Everythung is software based you miss one upgrade 
thst can be major !!

Seriously y'all, you have not learned yet that in this hobby our subjective hearing is as different as the stars in the sky. The obsession about gear has gotten so great that you can no longer enjoy the Music. No matter the cost just like everything else on this planet, it'll never be perfect!