Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW

I’m consider one of these two speakers, the Rockport Avior 2 and the new Wilson Sasha DAW. My room is 19’ x 25’ with a 20’ ceiling, the room floor plan opens behind me into a kitchen and the rest of the house. I listen at low to moderate levels and usually have to supplement the bass with a sub because of the large space. I listen to jazz, folk, classical full orchestra some old classic rock on rare occasions. I’ve always like the detail of electrostatic speakers but they all have there limitations. Looking for a great all around speaker. I Enjoy both tube and solid gear, currently using solid state spectral. I Have several amp choices from Spectral and Rowland. Just wonder if anyone knows these speakers intimately and can give me some strengths of each and an opinion which you would choose and why. I’ve been researching many other speakers and have come down to these two. Thank you for your thoughts.
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If you’re going to make that type of investment, you should go and listen to them by any means necessary, I’d travel to different states if I had to; IMHO.

Carey1110, several years in, how did your eval and purchase turn out?  I’m looking at a similar decision and would love to know your impressions.

Well after auditioning both I went with the Wilson and have been extremely pleased. The newer Wilson is truly amazing. I felt the Rockport was just a little soft for me. The Wilson has been a very exciting presentation. Not only did I get the DAW but later traded up x2. I can’t think of another speaker I’d want tho I’m sure there are many really great ones out there. Hope this helps.

You started this thread in 2019. Would you share the components you're using with the current speakers?


I  am not as fortunate, in that I have a very small dedicated music room, 11.5x11.5x9.5.  My Wilson dealer advised me to get the Sabrina X’s for my size room, which he thought would be too small for the Sasha DAW, but would give about 85% of the DAW.  I think that they sound fantastic with my Pass 250.8 and ARC REF 6