Rockport owners.

Why Rockport??  Of those of you out there that own Rockport I’m curious why you choose this speaker over so many others?
There are plenty of options like Wilson, Focal, Magico, Vivid etc. However Rockport has a cult like following. Why is this? Seldom do I ever find those that had Rockport and were unhappy. What is it that makes you a loyal Rockport fan. I’m considering them and just wanted to get some idea before traveling to listen for my self. My room is 18x25x18high
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I hears Rockports once, and they were good, and totally disappeared as sound sources, which was impressive.
I recently upgraded to a pair of Rockport Avior IIs.  I spent a long afternoon listening to them before purchasing them.  What struck me was the detailed but smooth midrange - vocals were almost spooky.  If I closed my eyes, it sounded like the singer was in the room with me.  Bass lived up to its billing, too.   After hearing a Ray Brown Trio song, I started queuing up every bass heavy cut I could think of.  It was not about quantity (plenty of that) but about how incredibly articulate it was.  The best I have heard.  All the other audiophile stuff - soundstage, speed, dynamics, were all there.  It’s really well balanced, with no real weak spots.  One more thing - you can listen to average non-audiophile recording and still enjoy them.  You can tell the recording isn’t the greatest, but still enjoy the music.  That was a key to me.
I have listened to some of the big Wilson’s, but they were not my cup of tea.  It seamed like there might be ten super-audiophile recordings that you could just listen to and relax.  Everything else I heard seemed to be reproduced with a focus on the flaws of the recording.  Just my take, obviously lots of folks love them.

I haven’t been able to hear Magicos, as there are no dealers near me.  
About the only complaint I can think of is that the Aviors revealed a weak spot in my system that I had to fix to get what I heard at my dealer.  I had previously skimped a bit on power cables.  I didn’t think they made a big difference.  The Rockports immediately revealed that I was wrong.  My dealer loaned me I the same ones on their demo system and the magic I heard previously was back.  Fortunately the power cables were only moderately expensive by current standards and I was able to trade my cable in for their full value.

I think these are likely my ‘forever’ speakers.  I may tinker with the rest of my system, but the Rockports are here to stay.
Mikemeeks thank you for the detailed description of the Rockports. Can you tell a bit more about the setup,  what equipment you use etc?
One reason that people keep their Rockport speakers is they are so heavy and difficult to ship,,,who wants to do that....easier just to say you love them and live with them....much like a marriage...