Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2005

I'm just wondering how many Agoners will be attending this year's fest?

Any word on any analog goodies this year?
Hello Cmk, i'm hoping to attend RMAF05. I went to it last year and loved it, this year's event is supposed to have even more exibitors. It wasn't really crowded, so you could see and hear what you wanted, and had plenty of time to talk . The rooms were bigger than at the NYC shows, so the sound was the best i've heard in hotel rooms! Two great performances by Patricia Barber too. I drove out from VT. last year(48 hrs) so i could visit some of my favorite mineral hot springs and i'm hoping to do the same again if funds allow. I haven't heard of any specific analog goodies, but last year there were many surprizes. Hope you can make it out, hope i can too. Enjoy, Alan
Rives Audio will be there and will be giving several seminars on Room Acoustics.
I am sure that there will be alot of analog as most of the rooms last year were spinning vinyl. There are sure to be several Teres and Galibier tables running. I have heard that Loyd Walker will be there with his analog gear in the Redrock Audio room. Also Artemis will be in attendance with their new phono stage. There should be alot of good analog stuff to check out.