Roger Waters Live Last Night in Glendale,AZ

My first concert in a while. Last was Sia. 

Roger has a message for his audience

that comes with the music. Somewhat off-putting

I must say. I went for music not politics. Not saying

I totally disagree with his. F-bombs galore. All our presidents

past and current are mass murderers. Could be a bit strong.

He is 79 and British.  Has some fun stories. I can live without

the other messages though. Is this messaging common nowadays?


+1 @tomcy6   "It always puzzles me why people like Roger always live in the countries they despise and are happy to take the money of the people of those countries. You’d think they wouldn’t want to dirty their hands with that filthy lucre. People like Roger never move to Russia or Cuba or Venezuela or China. There always seems to be a disconnect between their mouths and their actions."

A lot of teachers and college profs are the same way, especially college profs... If the U.S. is so damned evil, put your money where your mouth is and move to a more enlightened economic system, a more advanced civilization, a more promising future.... elsewhere.  But, at least here in America, people have the right to spout nonsense - although the "woke" hate "hate speech," lol, unless it's against the U.S. and those who support it.

Myself, if I'm going to a concert, I'd rather not hear Waters' rants nor Nugent's rants for that matter, lol.  I rather be Free For All rockin out or Comfortably Numb, lol, or a little bit o' both.

I have pictures and vids from the concert which show the images

but they are files not URLs so I cant share them.

These political views are Waters’ brand just like Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney have the beach party brand. 

No different. 

I’ll never go see him in concert! There’s a few others I won’t see either. I’m paying to hear music and not anything else. Well maybe some dancing girls.😁


I agree with the idea of a warning at the time of ticket sales. It’s a good idea. I do agree with the other poster who thought that it should only apply to excessive political commentary. For instance, last year I saw a solo Rick Wakeman show in which he performed songs interspersed with amusing stories, which is what it was supposed to be, and it was great. No polarizing political commentary.

I will be seeing Graham Nash later this month, and that is supposed to be the same thing.