Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?

I've had a Rogue Sphinx 3 listed for a month at what sure looks to be a great price- $899. A few half hearted inquiries who then go dark. The unit is $1600 new. I haven't even gotten any low ball offers- which usually happens with any item I post, its part of the process. Meanwhile I've sold a Pass 250.8, An ARC REF150SE, and two other expensive amps with little trouble. 


Is the low end of the market suffering? Is Rogue falling out of favor ? My listing is at least $100 lower than a similar one and I think they're both priced fairly. I'll keep it rather than list for any lower. 


Any idea of what's going on ? 




@speedthrills It's your hypocrisy that I'm calling out.

YOU complained a few weeks ago.  


Are product ads now part of the Forum experience here ? Asking for a friend

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I tried unsuccessfully to sell my Rogue ST90 in Australia and eventually decided to keep it and use it to biamp. The best decision I ever made.