Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?

I've had a Rogue Sphinx 3 listed for a month at what sure looks to be a great price- $899. A few half hearted inquiries who then go dark. The unit is $1600 new. I haven't even gotten any low ball offers- which usually happens with any item I post, its part of the process. Meanwhile I've sold a Pass 250.8, An ARC REF150SE, and two other expensive amps with little trouble. 


Is the low end of the market suffering? Is Rogue falling out of favor ? My listing is at least $100 lower than a similar one and I think they're both priced fairly. I'll keep it rather than list for any lower. 


Any idea of what's going on ? 



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So, it sold in about a month and you are complaining? If you got your asking price of $934.00 shipped, which is more than 1/2 price used in less than a month, I don't understand your position.

Tell 61 to take a break , he is just baffled because of the lack of interest. 
put a ad on u.s audio mart and add a review link and a OBO ,someone will buy it 

but you may have to lower the price ,which version is it ?you didnot mention That ,if older 40% of it’s cost if you are lucky . 

Sure, why not? I’m about to stop reading this forum because of the constant whining and belittling.

Heck, if you’re polite about it, I’m in!