Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?

I've had a Rogue Sphinx 3 listed for a month at what sure looks to be a great price- $899. A few half hearted inquiries who then go dark. The unit is $1600 new. I haven't even gotten any low ball offers- which usually happens with any item I post, its part of the process. Meanwhile I've sold a Pass 250.8, An ARC REF150SE, and two other expensive amps with little trouble. 


Is the low end of the market suffering? Is Rogue falling out of favor ? My listing is at least $100 lower than a similar one and I think they're both priced fairly. I'll keep it rather than list for any lower. 


Any idea of what's going on ? 




In my experience with the preamp I had and the amplifier I had from Rog audio didn't impress me at all that maybe why you can't get rid of this stupid thing in my opinion they sound pretty crappy

Rogue attempts to appeal to the more cost conscious hi end consumer, but unfortunately this customer base has also been the most affected by inflation eroding their discretionary spending. 

This is a silly post. Rogue Audio builds world class gear and sells it at sane prices. No, it’s not audio jewelry but its performance, where it counts, is consistently better than its direct competition. I should also note that it has been my experience that their customer service is some of the best in the business. I’ve owned several Rogue products over the years including the Sphinx V3, and currently the Pharaoh V2 that I had Rogue upgrade to the Dark version. All I can say is I have not been disappointed with the results. YMMV.


OP....Might be that word on the street has it that Taylor Swiiitt bought Travis a Rogue Audio integrated for Christmas....

My 2 cents… I did not view this a disguised ad… it’s a legitimate concern…even Benchmark sales prices and timing have taken a hit….and there is definitely a lot more completion with more and more people wanting to at least try a Purifi, Hypex or GaN offering. 

So, if this thread generates a few creative ideas that help…then it was a useful thread.