Rogue Audio. Reliability issues? Anyone?

I recently have been loving an Atlas Magnum power amplifier. I had a tube go bad, a fuse blow, and now red-plating. All of this could be related. But I am trying to decide if I want to pay shipping both ways ($90 each way), pay Rogue’s $175 bench fee (minimum) and then spend ungodly amounts on tubes that are hard to find.

I have friends, two to be exact, inform me that Rogue is notorious for this crap and their amplifiers are money pits. Is this normal tube stuff? Should I go for it or cut my losses and buy something else. I really love the way it sounds amd I really want to love Rogue. 


For the record (is there a record?) I've owned both tube and SS gear for a long time and although there have surprisingly few issues with either one, I can easily say that tube gear has been more reliable by far, and to say otherwise is blasphemy...or something...or you're not me maybe...

@nickrobotron what was the bias reading the last time you checked, and how long ago was that? 


Hey, it's a tube amp. Output tubes wear out and get replaced. I run KT120s in my tube monoblocks, and the new pricing is high right now, and for the past two years. If you are not aware, Sovtek - New Sensor is in Saratov, Russia. There are bigger problems going on in the world right now, that's why... supply is short now.  None of my regular suppliers have them. Yes, some people selling them higher on eBay.

Unless you know the age and hours on them, start with buying a pair and recheck bias closely on the others, replace them too if necessary. Or, ask around and find a local tech, they can replace a bad resistor.  Worth fixing the amp, and better for resale working than broken if you decide to move it down the road. Good Luck.   


FWIW.. I have been running a Metis Magnum preamp have I bought as New Old stock a few years ago and have had zero issues. Magnificent sound and punches well above its weight. I had a kenrad tube from the early fifties go bad once and throw a ton of feedback through the speakers. The preamp as well as the speakers were no worse for wear after thank God.

I've never heard anything but great things about Rogue's service. I had a Cronus Magnum for a year with no issues.

owned a cronus mag 2 for 3 years, an RH5 preamp, RP7 preamp and Stereo 100 power amp.  the only issue i had was a slight delay in the startup of the 100, fixed quickly by the dealer tech.