Rogue Magnum 99 vs Cary SLP-94 Preamp

Hello there,
I'm considering above 2 preamp to buy, "used" at same price. I like warm, musicial, liquid (tubey) but detailed sound. Which one to buy?

I saw alot of good reviews for Rogue 99 (25/25 five-star in audioreview) with remote..., but I feel Cary SLP94 (made since 1994) is maybe nearer my taste and what I'm looking for.

Hope to receive your suggession.

I have heard them both in my system, but not at the same time. I would say the Cary is the warmer and lusher of the two. The Rogue didn't float my boat at all, my Modulus 3A won at that shootout. If you can live w/o the remote, the Cary would be the better buy. If you can get them both at the same price, either the Rogue is dirt cheap, or the Cary is overpriced. You should be able to buy an SLP-94 for 1K or less.

The Cary is a great product and a great value. Notice, it has been changed very little throughout its existence which would suggest that they got it 'right' the first time. Nothing worse than an 'improvement' every year or two which leaves you thirsting to send it back to the factory every once in a while to get the latest upgrades. Cary 94 and 98 are reliable, beautiful sounding and relatively inexpensive. Very nice units.
Tony, I recently had a Rogue Magnum 99. I was also looking for a warm, musicial, liquid (tubey) but detailed sound and I tried to achieve this from the Rogue. The Rogue had great detail but lacked that extra warmth and liquid character that you mentioned liking.I should mention that the Rogue was bought brand new and had yet to burn in and settle down.
I then bought a Cary SLP98 and this sounds much better in my system than the Rogue. It has all the things that your asking for. I dont know what the difference in sound between the 98-94 are, you might be able to find that out here on Audiogon
This Cary is a keeper.
Thanks Folks,
So what I feel is right. I loved SPL-94 from first look.
Some one sold it at $1400 (including phono, NOS tubes).
May be that not good but fair price.