Rogue Magnum 99 vs Cary SLP-94 Preamp

Hello there,
I'm considering above 2 preamp to buy, "used" at same price. I like warm, musicial, liquid (tubey) but detailed sound. Which one to buy?

I saw alot of good reviews for Rogue 99 (25/25 five-star in audioreview) with remote..., but I feel Cary SLP94 (made since 1994) is maybe nearer my taste and what I'm looking for.

Hope to receive your suggession.

Thanks Folks,
So what I feel is right. I loved SPL-94 from first look.
Some one sold it at $1400 (including phono, NOS tubes).
May be that not good but fair price.

Hello there,
So anyone ever heard SLP-88 and SLP 2002 (new models come from Cary)?
What do you think to compare these with 94?

Having spoken with the local dealer and having owned several Cary products, if you are buying used, go for the 94 or 98, don't stop to save a few bucks and buy the lesser model. Don't think major improvements have been made to the 2002 model, check the specs. If you buy new, expect to pay 2x or 3x what you can get a perfectly good used pre-amp for. You can also probably find a 94 or 98 with phono! Not a bad phono section either! A reason there may not be a bunch out there on 94 and 98 units is people tend to keep them. They are very musical units. Get yourself a set of good NOS stock tubes from Andy at Vintage Tubes and you are in great shape with a 94 or 98.