Rogue Metis/Odyssey Stratos++

I have very little gain in either the phono or cd thru the RCA inputs and the variable output of the pre amp, whereas my VincentSA-31 has no problem.
The stock tubes and upgrade Sylvanias make no diference. I even took my Changlightspeed out of the picture. I have a dedicated 20 amp Power Port and have moved the pre to a different circut from the amp.
Hey, I figured it out! Started at the breaker and worked backwards...3hrs later and it works great now...
I went thru the entire system from the breaker to the PorterPowerPort in the wall, then I pulled the CardisCaps off the pre and added Anticable ICs instead of the Hero. Put the pre thru the 15amp next to the 20amp. It worked! Then I started to add--Chang Lightspeed cable from Pangea to it then changed to the 20amp service and it all works...just put in the CardisCaps but not on the fixed out put, still works! Only thing that I can figure is that the Wall outlet and the ICs were some how messing with everything. It's been on steady since 10AM and now its 7:30PM and only 3 hrs of my sweat!