Rogue Preamp RP-1

I was thinking about adding the rogue rp1 to my system

I will pair this with a McCormack DNA-1and Nht 2.9 speakers.Any input on this pairing …I use a Schiit audio sega +pre now with a pro ject tube phono pre


I been running an RP-1 one for years with Mullards.  It's a great little pre for the money.  Especially if you can pick one up for around $1K used.  You can proly get rid of your separate Phono Pre as the Rogue phono stage is purdy respectable.

YES,  the remote is cheezy but they have an upgraded model you can purchase.


one over on USAudiomart for $1.3k



As a Rogue dealer, I like the RP-1 quite a bit. It's one of my go to pre's in the sub $2.5k price range.  Have quite a few customers running them that love them.

Funny enough, just sold one two weeks to a good customer of mine that was running a Schit pre (don't remember the model).  He's been throughly impressed with the sound improvement from the change.

Got the rp1 on the way tell me what after market tubes I need to roll with the nht2.9 and McCormack DNA1 plz Cheers

@thirsty93 I had great results with Brimar CV4003 from Upscale Audio in my RP1. Second best were Gold Lion. I also tried RCA clear top and didn’t like it. Thin and tipped up in the treble.