ROGUE "Zues" Power amplifer???? Anyone???

Hi, i am looking for anyone who has heard or owened this tube amplifier?? I am looking at upgrading my Audio research VT100 MKII and was looking at this amp. I am open to ALL sugestions. Thanks For any help in advance.
The Rogue is music and like all ARC AMP'S INCL VT100 MKII ARE "NOT" PLUS ARC IS A POOR VALUE. I have had in house VT100MK1/MKII/VT50/ Classic 30/ & MORE MY HCA-2 IS JUST BETTER. I did have a ROGUE 88 nice amp.
Saying that all ARC amps are not musical is a statement that is untrue and one that thousands of ARC owners would refute. The HCA-2 is NOT better than a VT-100 Mk II. I had both & ended up keeping the VT-100. The VT-100 sounds more like music than the HCA-2. Haven't heard the Zeus, but most people who have praise it, and Rogue has done a pretty good job with their other products, such as the 99 preamp.
I have had the pleasure of listening to it twice and rather enjoyed its sound - lots of power.. not as delicate as some other more expensive tube amps .. but I would say its a great value and well worth the audition !

Mine arrived yesterday. I listened to it for about six hours. So far, amazing. Great highs (sparkling, actually) and palpable presence in the mids on vocals. Bass is all I need. I'll keep the first impressions to that, since I this is far from broken in and my listening session came after lugging this beast up the stairs.

It is driving Thiel CS 2.3s and I was worried tubes would not work. They have so far. I have the Magnum 99 preamp with NOS Sylvanias from Rogue. Source is the Arcam FMJ with all Cardas Golden Reference interconnects and Neutral Reference speaker cables.
$1699 verse $5500 HUMMMMM. Have you looked inside that $5500 AMP. My point is ARC is a poor value & I tried a lot of their amps 7 or 8 of them, and I wanted to like them but most of them were to analytical for me. (can you say Minn white)This is just my 2 cents on the ARC. The rogue was just more musical & that was the $1500 ROGUE 88.