Rogue Sphinx or Belles Aria???

I've recently been building up my system over the past year getting into the mid/hi-fi level and have finally reached the point of upgrading my amplifier [currently older Yamaha A-S500]. 
I'm looking for an integrated amp in the ~$2k range [I don't have space or budget for separates] and think I finally have it narrowed down between a Rogue Sphinx v3 and a Belles Aria.  I'm only listening to vinyl so have no need to worry about a DAC.

The Rogue has many positive reviews so think it would be a pretty safe bet and while I can only find one professional Belles Aria reviews the personal reviews in various forums seem to be pretty spectacular and seems to punch above its class so I'm really intrigued. 
Unfortunately, I'm not in the position to demo either of these personally so I'm looking for advice; especially if any one has ever compared side by side.

The rest of my setup is as follows:
B&W 705 stand-mounts
Rega Planar P3 w/ Elys MM
Audioquest Sydney interconnects

I really appreciate any advice...thanks!

As good as the Sphinx is, the Belles is the one to go for.  When people get a chance to hear it, they buy it.  Call Johnny Rutan at Audio Connection and see if he doesn't convince you.
+1 for the Belles.  Recently bought one to pair with my Vandy Treo CT’s and it’s a match made in heaven.  As someone else said, like a Pass without the heat.
Thanks for the feedback! Well only 2 replies so far but that's a strong start for the Belles. 

@twoleftears looking at your system photo's I can definitely tell you're a Belles fan! 

I do agree the Belles is a great choice but it could be system dependent. The Rogue has a warmer sound and is a good performer with NOS pre tubes. Belles more incisive with a bit more bass strength. Just my opinion.
I have the Belles Aria matched with Vandersteen 1Ci speakers and it sounds spectacular. I've never experienced the Rogue, but have read that it's pretty special in its own right. I had Rotel for years but when I heard the Belles It sounded irresistible and so naturally musical and I have never regretted the purchase for one second!