Roksan K3 2-Channel Power Amp vs Anthem PVA4 (Bi-Amp)

I am powering 2 Monitor Audio Gold 100s. What are your thoughts?

Will the 2 channel Roksan wired regularly be enough to overcome the benefits of a bi amped speaker using Anthem’s lowest tiered 4 channel amp?

Go with the Roksan.
Roksan makes better stereo audio gears and amps than the Anthem. They are more musical than the Anthem.
Thank you! So now that it seems I  going to a stereo amp It opened up a whole world at $1500. I see a used NAD M22 for $1700. Any suggestions? I want at least 140w driving my speakers.
IMO there’s no point of bi-amping your speakers unless if your speakers have active crossover. And your MA Gold 100 have passive crossover.

The Roksan will be able to drive your MA Gold 100 just fine. The NAD M22 is highly regarded by many reviewers and it is a class D hybrid design though. The Roksan is an analog class AB design.

The Roksan will be more fluid and liquid and fulsome sound with more body volume and textures compared to the NAD M22. I’ve heard the NAD M22 paired with the NAD M12 preamp/DAC on couple different speakers before and while the combo sounded quite good but the amp was somewhat analytical sounding and lean sounding lacking body, volume and mid-range bloom IMO. Typical class D house sound maybe. Very good details, air and quite transparent but IMO not very musical to my ears.

This helps me very much Caphill. From what I have read elsewhere you are spot on about the NAD M22. I don’t want the class D sound. I think I am pretty much sold on the Roksan. 

I am curious how those old Bryston 4Bs you see for sale everywhere sound.