Roksan Radius 5 vs VPI Scout vs Pro-ject RM-9???

Need help deciding between Roksan Radius 5 or VPI Scout with Dynavector high output MC 10X5 or 20X and the Pro-ject RM-9 with the new Blackbird cartridge.

Running all tubes for pre and amp.

Scout gets the best reviews, but we all know how useful those are...

I have heard people question the quality of the Pro-ject. Anyone own one and have any comments???

I have heard little of the new Radius 5 except the review in TAS which basically said it's nice and can rock and that's it.

My wife likes the looks of the Roksan and the Pro-ject better but everyone I talk to says go for the VPI.


And before you mention it, the wife nixed the Horizon so it's not an option.

I am a a VERY happy Aries/JMW10.5 owner and the Scout appears to be built along the same design philosophies. Also keep in mind the resale value WHEN (not if) you decide to upgrade...You won't be disappointed by the VPI. Harry Weisfeld really does know how to design TTs and is passionate about the quality and sound of his products. My $.02
Do a search and identify some dealers around the country who sell VPI, Roksan & Project turntables. Give them a ring and find out their impressions of each - especially if they carry 2 or more of the three. Take it with a grain of salt, but it may help with your decision. One may sound more dynamic, the other more refined, the other more detailed. You really can't know unless you speak with someone intimately familiar with at least 2 of them.

Do you have any experience with these 3 in particular or is your list based on manufacturer's only?

What is your reasoning for this order?