Rolled some 12ax7's recently...

Hi All,
I went through my supply of 12ax7's recently and found some goodies.
I recently compared Bugle Boys to Telefunkens in the phono stage of my pre-amp. Interesting (to me, at least). I found the Telefunkens to be nice sounding; very clean and clear, very nice detail, over all a very nice sounding tube. The Bugle Boys, however, were magical! WOW! Timbre was so much more apparent. The soundstage depth and width increased; especially the depth. The music seemed to come alive and glow. It was much more captivating.
I found such a dramatic difference between two high quality tubes very interesting.
I have yet to try 10m's, and 70's Mullards that I found. I will report when I do...
By the way, NOS Sylvania's sound nice in the line-level stage. All tubes reported are vintage NOS. I match them with my tube tester. And, I do not change the volume setting between tube brands tested.
Any comments are more than welcomed! I appreciate any information on your experiences with 12ax7's. The price of some of these NOS is incredible; I am glad to have these nice examples in my collection!
Try the Shuguang G-9s.They have,unfortunately been discontinued.As for the Mullards,I prefered the military CV-4004s-more "sparkle/life" in the upper octaves.
Wonder if types of Telefunken make a difference.Heard this before and some even like Mazda over either.To given godlike status of Telefunken again wondering if type makes difference.
Philips 12ax7wa ECG floats my boat, a fantastic tube will lots of air and weight in bass.
I agree, Nsgarch, that's a vey interesting article. I have often wondered about 5751's. I will keep my eyes open for some and try them.
I was a bit surprised that I was not all that impressed by the Telefunkens, given their reputation. Oh well...