Rolling KT150s in Primaluna hp integrated

I’m a mere five hours into these.  This is an alive and kicking tube.  It’s like it had a double espresso before the music starts.  I’m hearing big and strong delivery, but that’s so overwhelming that I cannot focus on midrange.  It’s clear I need some time with these. 
Guys, FYI, Christiaan Punter did a review of fitting KT150s to a PrimaLuna and then compared it to other amplifiers including the ARC Ref 75SE.  Interesting outcome.

They used the Wilson Watt/Puppy 8"s for this review.
This statement by the reviewer is wishful thinking.
" Although neither the Wilsons nor the Franco Serblin Accordo’s are particularly power-hungry"

Stereophile test on the WP8’s:
"However, and also like its predecessors, the WATT/Puppy 8’s impedance characteristic demands the use of an amplifier that can deliver generous amounts of current. There is a drop to 2.2 ohms at 77Hz where the most power is needed. (fig.1)"

Combine that 2.2ohm with the -phase angle, and it could go down even below 2ohms. And with the PL’s you’ve only got 2 tubes to drive each speaker.

Cheers George

Reviving an old thread as I’m considering this very upgrade. I notice many reference buying their KT150’s on eBay. Meanwhile Upscale passionately states that their tubes are somehow blessed with a veritable dose of unobtanium and are well worth the higher price. The junk discarded by others are ebay fodder, or some such. 

Considering their impressive cost, is there merit to spending extra for the Upscale touch or is it just marketing?  Currently looking at $155+ per tube. 

I'm very curious to see responses on the value to Upscales Audios touch with the KT-150s. Kevin deal himself says the PL can play anything and do not need to be matched. At the moment their website says they won't sell them unless you purchased the amplifier from upscale.

I just bought a quad of KT150s from upscale audio.  I initially tried them in my audio research VSI 60.  They have a little more bass than the KT120 but the amp is still cold, clinical, and revealing.  Not really worth the upgrade in this amp unless your current tubes  are spent.
Next, I swapped out the KT120s in my Primaluna EVO 300 for the KT150s.  I was expecting more bass, but not this much more bass. My KLH model 5 speakers really came to life with these tubes. It’s like running a giant overpowered solid state amp, but it sounds like a tube amp!  I listen to rock, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, etc.  The power and dynamics are really fun and engaging.

Comparing both amps, The Primaluna has more bass and is much warmer and more engaging to listen to.  The AR is a little more revealing, but in every other regard I prefer the Primaluna.  The AR VSI 60 is very good in more of a power amp role. It’s great with my Fosgate signature tube phono stage. 

If you like rock, with strong bass and dynamics, the KT150s are awesome in Primalunas.  Going from KT88 to KT120 is noticeable, but KT120s to KT150s is a striking difference.