Rolling Stones Tour 2015

Also, reissue of "Stickey Fingers".
"unprecedented quality...Beatles came close"

I'm reminded of a mural-like cartoon titled "Tragical History Tour" in an old National Lampoon mag. One part of it shows John Lennon standing with his hands on his hips saying "Mick always f***ing imitated us." Standing right behind him is Mick Jagger, in the exact same pose, saying "Mick always f***ing imitated us."

The Beatles are the Beatles and the Stones are the Stones. I love them both. Each had their strengths. But IMO there's no question as to who the greater artists and innovators were.
They're a little too old now to learn a new trade, you know, real estate or selling used cars. They're like a Timex watch, they take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. You go girl!
It's kind of funny,music,groups are all about the timing. Early Stones stuff I don't care for as well as the later stuff but,Sticky Fingers,Black and Blue,and Some Girls were it for me. Loved those albums. Those were great times.
Have to agree with earlier Stones does reveal the limitations of Jagger as a vocalist...however his performance does make up.for some or all depending on the night....this is not Pavarotti! Stones would wipe the floor with the Beatles live tho...IMHO
Beatles were a great live band early on. They quit playing live as they became more "pop" and less rock and roll-oriented. I think the early Beatles could hold their own against the early Stones live. Stones are naturally bluesier, Beatles more pop, that's all.