Room Conditioning

I Know very little aboout stero and I need some help.
I have a basement sized (WxLxH) 5.2 x 11.4 x 2.26 m (15 x 34 x 7 ft)And I want to make a cinema and listening room in there.
The floor and walls are to be finished (they are row concrete at this moment), I would like some suggestions on what to do with flooring, walls, ceiling, etcetera.
Equipment is:
TT Pilips 775 (shortly a clearaudio master solution)
CD Meridian G08
Pre YBA 2
Ampli Nap 250
Loudspeakers Jmlab Diva Utopia

I would also appreciate ideas on where to place the equipment (I thought about making a kind of platform of solid concrete of solid MDF (glued boards)and just place everything there in a row along the front wall, space is not a problem :-).

Thank you
Rives has three levels of help to choose from. You can get as much or as little help as you like and, IMO, the price of their service is very reasonable. They also have room simulator on their site which could be helpful in getting you started. I believe you room dimensions are pretty good for acoustics.
Hmmm. Interesting - the link I suggested doesn't go where it's supposed to.
OK - Do this - go to, then click on acoustic university 101. Everything you need regarding setting up the room / construction including walls, floors, ceiling, windows, HVAC etc at no charge.
And - it's for starving musicians, not well heeled audiophiles - send a description of your room and they'll suggest treatment schemes and lots of cool pictures -again for free - try it, you'll like it.
I also suggest that you invest some money via Rives audio. I went to them with a very similar project (basement room of similar dimensions and also with concrete walls), and the results after implementation of Richard's plans, are very satisfying. Be aware that the plans are only the initial investment. We were remodeling so we had some flexibility as to how we approached the suggested program. The probable suggestions will not be inexpensive (as in 'off-the-rack'), but then it just depends on how far you want to carry things and how much you actually want to integrate the acoustic features into the room vs. adding them on.
You can do it yourself. I did with fantastic results for WAY less than commercially available traps etc.

Go here:

It's an old article from EM that gives you instruction, step by step, even estimated costs and material lists. Then how to install.

Good luck,

You are all very kind and helpful

I am cheking all the information yuo gave me and try to
get the best results.

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